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Leverett Crafts & Arts (LC&A) makes its home in a historically significant building where the love of artistic endeavor has been cherished since 1966. Our mission is to provide a community center for making, teaching and sharing the arts. Our artists and artisans support each other, inspire their students and enrich the extended community. The Barnes Gallery is an inviting space to showcase works produced by residents as well as visiting artists. The gallery is also a venue for events such as music, dance, weddings, parties and the annual Holiday Sale and Open Studios. LC&A celebrates diversity both in the art exhibited and the community from which the creative impulses spring.

We're celebrating our 50th Anniversary!

See details on the current exhibit page!

Leverett Crafts & Arts (LCA) is housed in the former Beaman–Marvel Box Shop in Leverett Center. The box shop opened for business in 1903 and employed up to 50 persons. In its early days, the shop produced wooden boxes used for shipping. The firm continued in business until 1943 when cardboard replaced wood in shipping containers.

In 1964, after a period of disuse, the building was bought by metal worker and sculptor Joseph Barnes and his wife Lois Barnes with the vision of converting the building into a working educational craft and art center. Their goal was to encourage production of crafts and arts, provide affordable studio space, educational classes and workshops, and exhibitions open to the public at no cost. Barnes passed away in 1966. After his untimely death, a group of Barnes’ friends, craftspeople, and members of the community formed a crafts and arts organization housed within the building. LCA has operated as a non-profit educational organization since 1967.

LCA is a focal point for cultural life and aesthetic experience within the community of Leverett and surrounding communities. LCA currently has 18 affordable craft and artist studios that are filled to capacity. The Mudpie Community Clay Center serves approximately 30 potters and occupies one floor of the building. LCA artists and craftspeople offer educational classes and workshops on such topics as ceramics, painting, print-making, figure drawing and sketching.

Situated in the building is the Barnes Gallery that serves as space for exhibition and cultural events. The Gallery includes a 1,280 square-foot multi-purpose space with plentiful natural light. The adjacent Hall Gallery is a 350 square-foot exhibit room. Exhibitions in both galleries rotate every four to six weeks. Individual and group shows often include formal and informal presentations by artists concerning the creative process, as well as complementary instructional workshops that focus on the craft or art medium highlighted in the exhibit. Exhibiting artists are from the community, surrounding region, and LCA. Events include musical performances, dance, talks, and special presentations. LCA also provides a venue for public gatherings, dinners, weddings and other celebrations.

LCA is highly regarded throughout the state and beyond. As a historic structure, the LCA building has been a centerpiece in Leverett Center for the past 114 years, serving both the industrial and cultural needs of the town. The building has been determined by the Massachusetts Historical Commission to be eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. It is a contributing property within the Leverett Center Historic District as both a historically significant industrial building, and as a community-based art and craft center.

Successive uses of the former Beaman and Marvel Box Shop have reflected the industrial, agricultural and cultural life and needs of the community and its artisans for the past 114 years. The building and its occupants have served as an important part of the development of the Town of Leverett, and promotion of the art experience for the public within the community. Since 1967, LCA sustains the building’s historic tradition of providing studio space for working craftspeople and artists, promotion of the arts, and supporting the livelihood of artisans, thereby preserving the independent spirit of artists and craftspeople, and providing a craft and art center for the community.

Gallery hours change with the exhibit, so check the current exhibit page.

To contact us regarding showing your artwork at Barnes Gallery:

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Visit us at 13 Montague Road in Leverett.

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